The Hidden Beauty Around Manali

Here are  hidden getaways near Manali

Goshal: A 2 kms scenic trek through apple orchards and pine trees from Manu Temple leads you to Goshal village. It is a trek mostly frequented by foreigners. Not many Indians explore this gorgeous route. Don’t be surprised if you get invited for a cup of tea and biscuits at any local’s house. And if you are lucky, you might get to taste freshly brewed chang. Some of the houses in this ancient village are as old as 600-700 years. The Beas stream separates the Goshal village from Bhang. When you visit Bhang, don’t forget to have the finger-licking tasty sarson ka saag and makki di roti from ‘Ludhiyana Ki Rasoi’ dhaba.

GoshalThe top view of Goshal – scenic village near Manali

Shanag and Burua: Away from the hustle bustle of Manali lie the picturesque villages of Shanag and Burua. The driveway through apple orchards is something that dreams are made up of. This a place where most of the high-end luxury cottages are coming up and in the next 5-10 years this will be the most sought after place in Manali. Near Burua village is the famous Nehru kundfrom where Pandit Jawahar Lal used to drink water. The sturdy suspension bridge over the river Beas at Burua is a picturesque spot that offers the majestic view of Rohtang Range and nearby flowing river Beas.
Burua village near manali


As the name suggests, Gulaba is famous for Himachali Flora and Fauna and is often referred to as valley of flowers. It is a good picnic, photography and paragliding spot. The trek for Bhrigu Lake starts here. In winters, this is the last point up to which vehicles are permitted to go. In winters, from November to May, when Rohtang is inaccessible due to snowfall theskiing and winter sports are held at Gulaba.gulaba

Gulaba – A photography & Adventure heaven

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